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SexLab Framework SE v1.63 for Kids

This is a recompile of the SexLab Framework for SE Beta 3. The only additional mod it contains is xxxUtility by Vistarrr. Additional utility mods (such as SexLab Aroused) may be integrated in the future.


Loli Nord Race

Download: [v1.3] | [ATF Thread] Previews: [#1] | [#2] | [#3]

This is a conversion of Lumina's UNPnano body for SSE, as well as Fair Skin Complexion, and Adorable Face meshes and textures. You will be able to create some very high-quality loli (and shota) characters for SSE now. This race requires, and replaces, the Young Nord race (YgNord) from Enhanced Character Edit SE. This also includes, optionally, additional eyes and brows, loli (and shota) player voices, and an equipable Schlongs of Skyrim penis, if you want to make a trap (or shota) character.

By Wasabi Ice Cream


RCOTS Races Main 1.9

FriendChildren RCOTS 1.9



RCOTS FriendChildrenRemake 3.1B Full

RCOTS Tiny Shota Schlongs (SOS-Version) for SkyrimSE

RCOTS LoliLabs 2.1

RCOTS Armorpack 1.7

RCOTS Armorpack 1.9


RCOTS Cots Armor 2.1

RCOTS ImmersiveArmor

RCOTS TeraArmor


UB Girls Fixed

CCCP RCOTS Armor SSEv1 (7 parts)

UB boy patch SSE


Male Pack for X117 Meshes-SSE

Male Pack for X117 Textures (2 part)

RCOTS Legendary Bikini Armors Lolifier

A mod that alters the Legendary Bikini Armors to switch to a loli version when equipped by a custom race. Requires RCOTS and Legendary Armors - Bikini SSE Beta SE

Bikini Armors here:


SOS-RCOTS 1.9 Friendchildren SE

Solus's SSE Conversions, Mods, and Patches

Skyrim Special Edition - 1.5.53 SKSE SE - 2.0.10

Main thread for Questions Concerns and Feedback

Fallen Dolls Race HDT SMP - Loli/Shota Race + Overhaul

Sacrosanct Patch for Dolls -

UUNP Bodyslide Presets - Normal and ATF versions

Maxine Loli Zombie Follower/Adoptable

Follower - Adoptable -

A Felicidade - Breton loli girl and a Mushroom follower

Yumi Loli - All in one Follower/adoptable

Raeza Loli Follower and Adoptable

Raan Cute Loli Death Row Inmate

Loli Follower/Adoptable AIO

Sexlabs ICP AIO

Mod Conversions

alex243 Lolified and other Conversions for SE

Sleep Tight for Kids SE

Jaxonz Positioner SE and Jaxonz Furnishings SE

TKAA Loli Nude Patch using UUNP (new) Teen Body with new texture for SE