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2017 Entries

  • Added Fallout 4 Slavery System (F4SS) Child Patch v0.82 [Fallout 4]

  • Added x117 UNP Jewelry Variants [Skyrim]

  • Updated the "FNV SexOut Override Patch" to point to the most recent version (.97). [FO:3/NV]
  • Removed "Sexoutkidsoverride.96" as it's both redundant and decrepit. [FONV]


Updated the patch links for:

  • SexLab Aroused Redux (v28b)
  • SexLab Defeat (v5.35)
  • Devious Devices Integration (v3.3)
  • Deviously Cursed Loot (v6.1)
  • Dripping When Aroused (v2017-02-28)
  • Scent of Sex (v1.4f)
  • SexLab Aroused Creatures (v04.0 Beta 05)
  • Sexlab Eager NPCs (v20161127)
  • Egg Factory (v2.1)
  • SD+ (v3.5.8)
  • Shota Sounds for Estrus

Added patches for:

  • The Manipulator (v6.3)
  • Content Consumers Alternate Starts (v1.3)
  • Bathing Beauties or Beefcakes Luxury Suite (v6.2)
  • SOS RaceMenu Plugin Size Patch
  • SexLab Beastess: Loli Artwork Replacers + Follower Body Patch
  • SexLab Achievement: Loli Artwork Replacers

New Mods:

  • SLAL Loli/Shota Sexlab Animations [Animations]
  • Female x Shota Animations for Skyrim [Animations]
  • Skyrim Shotaborn (SSB) [Mods]
  • Shota Trap Race [SkyKids]
  • PitFighter - RCOTS Enemies Patch [RCOTS]
  • Lea Follower [Followers]
  • RCOTS-Hostiles V2 [RCOTS]
  • RS Children - Naked Children + SoS Addon + Kids Can Wear All Armors [RS Children]
  • RCOTS Dragonborn Dwarven Hideout [RCOTS]
  • RCOTS Friendchildren Expanded [RCOTS]
  • Moon Shadow House [Mods]
  • Loli Follower + Fully Voiced Marriage [Mods]
  • New Tavern for Maria Eden Prostitution [Mods]
  • UNPnano Race by Lumina [UNPnano]
  • The Kids are Alright Nude Patch With SkyKids Body [The Kids are Alright]
  • The Kids are Alright Race [The Kids are Alright]
  • SlaveTats for Lolis [Misc]
  • Things no one asked for: The Calibanana Mod Collection [Mods]
  • Skykids Child NPC Replacer Faces [SkyKids]
  • Underground Bathhouse Shota Tapestry Replacer [Mods]
  • The Continuing Voyages of TTLL Ship [Mods]
  • Pure Skin Textures Lolified Edition [Misc]
  • SkyKids Armor Swapper - Missing Armors Pack [SkyKids]
  • Faye Race + Followers [SkyKids]
  • BurnTyres More Children for Skyrim [RS Children]
  • Undies for All - Loli and Shota [Mods]
  • Candle Pond Ranch Redone [Mods]
  • Skykids - SOS - Pubic Hair [Misc]
  • Alik'r Do Reguard Girls [Mods]
  • Dark Tutor [Mods]
  • RCOTS-Shaydows VampireLord Replacer [RCOTS]
  • 120 Days of Sodom [Misc]
  • Arousing Weather with CoT [Mods]
  • ATF Pinups - Raunchy Pictures and Quests [Mods]
  • Female Facial Animations for Skykids [SkyKids]


  • x117 Armor Set (FIXED)
  • en_hawk's SkyKids Triss Armor - Lolilabs Replacer
  • My Clothes and Other Mods
  • Deynian Garbs - Bottomless Friendly Outfits Supporting SkyKids
  • SK-Tera Armor and SOS SK-Tera Armor
  • Stucks Skykids Armors
  • Battlemage Armor Shota-Loli Conversion

Follower Nude Patches:

  • Lea Follower [Followers]
  • Sassy Teen Girls - UUNP Loli Body or Skykids Teen Body [Followers]
  • Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower [Followers]
  • Ophelia - UUNP Loli Body or Skykids Teen Body [Followers]
  • Sorbi - Dual Wield Follower UUNP Loli Body [Followers]
  • Demon Hunter Vera Follower UUNP Loli Body or Skykids Teens Body [Followers]
  • Perrine Follower UUNP Loli Body or Skykids Teen Body [Followers]
  • 00xLolitaFollowers UUNP Loli Body [Followers]
  • Nessa Follower UUNP Loli Body [Followers]
  • Adoptable Orphan Patricia Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Imo 2.0 Nude Patch With Pregnancy Enable Body [Followers]
  • Follower Nono UUNP Loli Body [Followers]
  • 4 in 1 UUNP Loli Body or Skykids Teen Body [Followers]
  • 3 Elf Sisters and Ranger Triss New Teen Body [Followers]
  • Nell the Brat Lolified UUNP [Followers]
  • Yumi - Adoptable/Follower Kid Nude Patch With Pregnancy Enabled Body [Followers]
  • Sassy Teen Giants Lolified Nude Patch With Pregnancy Enabled Body [Followers]
  • Nono Follower Nude Patch - Ashen Child Body [Followers]
  • Selina Selvtillit Nude Patch - Ashen Child Body [Followers]
  • Nara Follower Nude Patch - Ashen Teen Body [Followers]
  • Nanako Blues Nude Patch - Ashen Teen Body [Followers]
  • RRC's Marie Rose Follower Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Emily the Strange Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Elfkko Followers Anna & Uni Nude Patch [Followers]
  • C Follower Ney Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Blacky the Follower Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Sassy Teen Followers Nude Patch By irinotecan [Followers]
  • Imo Follower Nude Patch + Additional Edits [Followers]
  • Miqo'te Follower Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Jack the Ripper (Assassin of Black) Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Dorthe Follower Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Overknee Serana and Lamia Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Hubble's Arissa Standalone Nude Patch + Other Conversions/Replacements [Followers]
  • Overknee's Sonya Nude Patch [Followers]
  • CP Followers Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Cecile Follower Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Overknee's Regia and Regiana Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Lolicept's Belko Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Overknee's Airin Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Yakisoba-pan's Donna Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Idiodicidiot's Three Legal Elves Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Idiodicidiot's Younger Delphnie and Smaller Ulfric (And Rikke and Tulius) Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Floria Child Follower Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Farith Granius v2 Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Karine Granius v2 Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Dolls - Children Overhaul Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Ophelia Nude Patch By irinotecan [Followers]
  • Patricia Nude Patch By irinotecan [Followers]
  • Ratina Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Alluisia Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Rai (Renewal) Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Lily Naka Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Helgi the Eternal Child Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Fleurette Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Lili Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Eleonora Nude Patch [Followers]
  • Perrine Nude Patch [Followers]
  • RCOTS-RiverwoodFollowers [Followers]
  • RCOTS-3 Sons [Followers]
  • Birgit Preteen Follower [Followers]
  • Adoptable Sissel Nude Patch With UUNP Loli Body [Followers]
  • Corin: The Extraordinary Friend - A Unique Follower Mod [Followers]
  • Corin - RCOTS Patch [RCOTS]
  • Inigo Voice Kidification [Followers]
  • Savants - Master Kid Trainers [Followers]
  • Raeza Follower + SSE Version (Child Drow) [Followers]

Fallout 4

New Mods:

  • Misogynist (Racy) Fallout 4 Comments - Loli Rewrite [Sexual Content/Gameplay]
  • Orphan Dogmeat [Companions/NPCs]
  • Nude Shota Body (CBBE) [Races/Nude Bodies]

Fallout 3/New Vegas/TTW

New Mods:

  • New Kids on the Block [FO3]
  • Megaton House Mini Maid [FO3]
  • Camera Club: New Vegas [FONV]
  • Bittercup Gothette [TTW]
  • EroCute Realistic Pregnancy [FNV/TTW]
  • Wasted Katie, a Companion [TTW]
  • My Own FO3 Sexout Patches + A Couple Other Related Things [FO3]
  • Kids Cutefication Project [TTW]
  • kidsClothes [TTW]
  • Playing Doctor: a TTW Questing Mod [TTW]
  • USMC Modding Resources [FO3/FNV/TTW]
  • Nasty Girls [FONV]
  • Shota Paper Doll Replacer [FONV]
  • The Illegal Casino [FONV]
  • Kid Tailor NSFW Outfit Pack [FONV/FO3]
  • Kidz Stuff v3 [FONV/FO3]
  • TTW FO3 Lolification [TTW]

Updated Mods:

  • Quo Vagis for Dancers (FIXED) [TTW]


New Mods:

  • Kinky World [Sims 3]
  • Sims 3 Content Repost [Sims 3]
  • progressor1322's Sims 3 Mods [Sims 3]
  • WhickedWhims [Sims 4]
  • Cum Stained Beds [Sims 4]
  • Cum Stained Glasses [Sims 4]
  • G-String Underwear [Sims 4]
  • Loli Mod (Mesh Replacements) [Sims 3]

Stardew Valley

New Mods:

  • Jas Marriage Mod
  • Jas and Vincent Nude Sprites & Other Stuff
  • Lewd Loli Maru Mod + Other Stuff

Other Games

New Mods:

  • Rimworld + Rimjobworld Lolified (and Shotafied)
  • Cally's Cave 3: Nude Sprite Edit
  • TERA Online: Child Nude Mods + Misc.
  • [DB: Xenoverse] Supreme Kai & Pan (Nude Mod)

  • Moved to a wiki based master list