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2016 Entries

  • Added suffixes to all the "Fallout 3", "Fallout: New Vegas", and "A Tale of Two Wastelands" mod names to easily denote which game(s) they are for at a glance

  • Reuploaded links to Oliver Twisted's mods at the behest of the author (MSFWorkingGirl/Boy and MoreShotaFun) - all links fixed [Skyrim]

  • Updated the links for both MSFWorkingGirl and MSFWorkingBoy to fix issues related to those mods [Skyrim]

Some stuff that has been posted in separate release threads will be added/updated later.

  • Added Sexlab Submit 23FEB15 patch [Skyrim]
  • Added Children+SoulGemsSkykids 1.5 child patch [Skyrim]
  • Added Underground Bathhouse Shota Boys patch for SkyKids [Skyrim]
  • Added Children + SoulGems for RCOTS [Skyrim]
  • Added Skykids armor conversions by pieeater [Skyrim]
  • Added CCCP - Male character inventory model fix [Skyrim]
  • Added BeeingFemale 2.5 RCOTS V9 [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-player presets [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Shota's Club (formerly known as Men's Club) [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Dova Strunmah Holl [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Dragons Keep [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Thora Follower UNP [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Tiny Serana and adoptable children [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Liella Follower [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Alana Follower [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Dragonborn Castle [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Fox Girls Club Loli [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-3 Orc Shota [Skyrim]
  • Added RCOTS-Isle of Mara [Skyrim]
  • Added Stand-alone version of SexoutNG [FO3]
  • Added Lower-Res Angel race face texture [FO3]
  • Added Cerys Child Companion tweaks [FONV]
  • Added Loadscreen Pack Replacer [FONV]
  • Added Sexoutkidsoverride.96 [FONV]
  • Updated Dripping When Aroused patch from 2015-11-01 to 2016-02-01 [Skyrim]
  • Updated Sexlab Aroused Redux patch from v27 to v27a [Skyrim]
  • Updated BeeingFemale patch from 2.7 to 2.7 fix 2 [Skyrim]
  • Updated Deviously Cursed Loot patch from 5.1 to 5.3 [Skyrim]
  • Updated SD+ (Sanguine Debauchery enhanced) patch from v3.3 to v3.4.2 [Skyrim]
  • Updated Mias's Lair (aka Sexlab Sex Slaves 21) from 5.2 to v6.1f [Skyrim]
  • Updated SexLab Framework from 1.60 hotfix 2 to 1.61b [Skyrim]
  • Updated Devious Devices - Integration from 2.9.1 to 2.9.2 [Skyrim]
  • Updated Sexlab Aroused Creatures from v03.1 to v04.0 Beta 01 [Skyrim]
  • Fixed the link for Underground Bathhouse boy patch for RCOTS [Skyrim]

Here's few additions to the list that were specifically asked for. Still compiling the changelog for all the rest so sit tight.

  • Added Sexlab Animations for Loli/Shota [Skyrim]
  • Added Kid Veronica [FONV]
  • Added Lolified Joana companion [FONV]
  • Added COTW presets [FONV]

We've all been pretty lazy with updating the list lately these were added by direct request. Will do more later.

  • Added Autumn Lodge Redone Teens + Skykids Followers (under Followers) [Skyrim]
  • Added Ultra RCotS Followers (under Followers) [Skyrim]
  • Moved Ultra Skykid Followers from the "SkyKids" section to the "Followers" section [Skyrim]

We've all been pretty *EXTREMELY* lazy with updating the list lately... Will *try* to do more later.

Started to organize the Fallout 4 section into categories (similar to the Skyrim section)

  • Added Children Extended [Fallout 4]
  • Added Playable Children Patches [Fallout 4]
  • Added Common Children Nude Bodies [Fallout 4]
  • Added Common Children Clothing and Armors [Fallout 4]
  • Added Illuminated Custom Billboards [Fallout 4]
  • Added Urchins in Action--Boston Edition [Fallout 4]
  • Added All Male Revue Shota Version [Fallout 4]
  • Added Fallout 4 Pipboy Background (Loli) [Fallout 4]
  • Added Children's Hair Conversion [Fallout 4]
  • Added Diverse Children [Fallout 4]
  • Added Orphans of the Commonwealth More Children [Fallout 4]
  • Added Diverse Children + Orphans of the Commonwealth Patch [Fallout 4]
  • Added Raider Children [Fallout 4]
  • Added School Desk Child Settler Work Station [Fallout 4]
  • Added Child Piper, Curie and Cait [Fallout 4]
  • Added Higher Voice For Cait [Fallout 4]
  • Added Higher Voice For Piper [Fallout 4]
  • Added Higher Voice For Curie [Fallout 4]

We are all DREADING the time it will take to compile a list of what needs to be added for Skyrim, let along actually edit the list. Sorry guys, it may be a while as most of us have been very busy lately. In the meantime you can check the last few pages of this thread for anything that hasn't been added yet (as always).

  • Added Readable Hentai Magazines & Store + Quests n' Misc. (under "Sexual Content/Gameplay") [Fallout 4]
  • Updated the link for "Sleet and Lava and Aurora" to point to Hubble's nude patch and overhaul instead. [Skyrim]

Maybe one of us will get around to updating the Skyrim stuff *eventually*... For now I'm just adding one Fallout 4 thing, more to start a new category than anything else. Sorry guys. :/

  • Added "Female Masturbation Child Patch" [Fallout 4]