Adventures in Shatterstone

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Adventures in Shatterstone

Adventures in Shatterstone is an Adult Interactive Fiction written in Twine using the Harlowe format. It is currently under development, with a major focus on the supporting systems for more expansive game play. The game writing intends to be whimsical and playful, as well as erotic and adult natured.

Current Version: Alpha-0.0.8

Game forum thread.

The game's git repository.


The player controls a character who is stranded with no possessions at the edge of a wilderness. They explore and collect resources to gain more powerful weapons and equipment from a local merchant.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs and other issues should be reported through the issue tracker.

Current Systems

Character Customization

Players can select a number of appearance items from menus.

Character Origin

The character's origin not only specifies where they are from in the game universe, but species and sometimes age as well.

Ick System

The underlying system which tracks what kind of strange substances the character receives on, or in, them. As of version 0.0.8, interacting with the substances is rudimentary.

Game Settings

There are a number of game settings available. These range from the Game's Rating, which helps determine what kind of content is presented, to more traditional settings like difficulty. Several other menu items, noticeably in the Character Customization or Origin menus, are not available in the "cleaner" Game Settings.

Character Aspects

In the context of the game, aspects are features which describe the character's capabilities. There are physical stats, skills, and more descriptive Aspects. Stats and Skills were included early in development, but the ability to adjust them from defaults was not included until version alpha-0.0.8

Noticeable Aspects

Speed and Luck are two of the most noticeable aspects in the early game. The character's luck influences a number of other elements, including combat and drop rates. Speed backs the character's ability to flee from more powerful monsters. High speed and luck greatly influence if the Hero strikes first in combat.


A number of items, such as weapons and bikini armour, were introduced early in the game. Weapons range from the (free) Pointy Stick to the slow, but high damage Great Sword. All the armour variants are currently bikinis, which offer high speed increases but very little protection from damage or ick.

Game Play

As the game is in early development, there are limited activities available. Mostly, it is wandering the wilderness area for monster and friendly encounters. Monsters produce the most coins, while friendly NPCs can grant other benefits.

The game's choice system mimic a more traditional RPG while avoiding the "guess the verb" of other interactive fiction engines. The choices which are possible are given to the player without the need for discovery.

The game is html and java script, requiring a browser to play, but can be played from a downloaded file.

Future Plans

  • More activities in the starting area
  • Trading items with merchants
  • Mini-quests: some goals for exploring
  • More images
  • Character actions influencing Woodsedge's development as a settlement
  • Many more weapons, armors, and gear
  • More regions to explore and adventure in
  • A larger plotline